Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Books to the MC Law Library

Over the next few weeks I will be posting some of the new books to our collection. These items may be checked out by all approved library users.

AUTHOR: Zamir, Eyal.
TITLE: Law, economics, and morality / Eyal Zamir, Barak Medina.
CALL #: K 487 .E3 Z36 2010

AUTHOR: Guzmán, Andrew T.
TITLE: How international law works: a rational choice theory / Andrew T. Guzmán.
CALL #: KZ 3410 .G89 2008

AUTHOR: Bosco, David L.
TITLE: Five to rule them all: the UN Security Council and the making of the modern world / David L. Bosco.
CALL #: JZ 5006.7 .B67 2009

AUTHOR: Brenner, Susan W., 1947-
TITLE: Cyberthreats: the emerging fault lines of the nation state / Susan W. Brenner.
CALL #: K 5250 .B74 2009

AUTHOR: Rule, James B., 1943-
TITLE: Privacy in peril / James B. Rule.
CALL #: JC 596 .R85 2007

AUTHOR: Pfander, James E.
TITLE: One Supreme Court: supremacy, inferiority, and the judicial power of the United States / James E. Pfander.
CALL #: KF 5130 .P48 2009

TITLE: The Constitution in 2020 / edited by Jack M. Balkin, Reva B. Siegel.
CALL #: KF 4550 .C576 2009

AUTHOR: Sulmasy, Glenn M., 1966-
TITLE: The national security court system: a natural evolution of justice in an age of terror / Glenn Sulmasy.
CALL #: KF 9223 .S85 2009

AUTHOR: Collier, Charles W., 1950-
TITLE: Meaning in law: a theory of speech / Charles W. Collier.
CALL #: K 3253 .C65 2009

AUTHOR: Painter, Richard W., 1961-
TITLE: Getting the government America deserves: how ethics reform can make a difference / Richard W. Painter.
CALL #: KF 4568 .P35 2009

AUTHOR: Epstein, Richard Allen, 1943-
TITLE: Supreme neglect: how to revive constitutional protection for private property / Richard A. Epstein.
CALL #: KF 562 .E67 2008

AUTHOR: Jackson, Vicki C.
TITLE: Constitutional engagement in a transnational era / Vicki C. Jackson.
CALL #: K 3165 .J3253 2010

AUTHOR: Kent, Meaghan Hemmings.
TITLE: An associate's guide to the practice of copyright law / Meaghan Hemmings Kent, Joshua J. Kaufman.
CALL #: KF 2994 .K46 2009

AUTHOR: Englard, Izhak.
TITLE: Corrective and distributive justice : from Aristotle to modern times / Izhak Englard.
CALL #: B 105 .J87 E54 2009

AUTHOR: Susskind, Richard E.
TITLE: The end of lawyers?: rethinking the nature of legal services / Richard Susskind.
CALL #: K 87 .S865 2008

AUTHOR: McDorman, Ted L.
TITLE: Salt water neighbors: international ocean law relations between the United States and Canada / Ted L. McDorman.
CALL #: KZA 1450 .M33 2009

AUTHOR: Carolan, Eoin.
TITLE: The new separation of powers: a theory for the modern state / Eoin Carolan.
CALL #: KDK 1227 .C37 2009

TITLE: Lessons from the identity trail: anonymity, privacy, and identity in a networked society / edited by Ian Kerr, Valerie Steeves, and Carole Lucock.
CALL #: K 3264 .C65 L47 2009

AUTHOR: Lindquist, Stefanie A., 1963-
TITLE: Measuring judicial activism / Stefanie A. Lindquist, Frank B. Cross.
CALL #: KF 8742 .L56 2009

AUTHOR: Gallacher, Ian, 1956-
TITLE: Coming to law school: how to prepare yourself for the next three years / Ian Gallacher.
CALL #: KF 283 .G35 2010

AUTHOR: MacCormick, Neil.
TITLE: Rhetoric and the rule of law : a theory of legal reasoning / Neil MacCormick.
CALL #: K 213 .M284 2005

Monday, June 28, 2010

New Books to the MC Law Library

Over the next few weeks I will be posting some of the new books to our collection. These items may be checked out by all approved library users.

AUTHOR: Sullivan, E. Thomas.
TITLE: Proportionality principles in American law: controlling excessive government actions / E. Thomas Sullivan, Richard S. Frase.
CALL #: K 247 .S85 2009

AUTHOR: Fox, David L.
TITLE: U.S. patent opinions and evaluations / David L. Fox.
CALL #: KF 3120 .F69 2010

TITLE: Contemporary bioethics: a reader with cases / [edited by] Jessica Pierce, George Randels
CALL #: QH 332 .C658 2010

AUTHOR: Naidu, B. David.
TITLE: Biotechnology & nanotechnology: regulation under environmental, health, and safety laws / B. David Naidu.
CALL #: K 3925 .B56 N35 2009

TITLE: Legal republicanism: national and international perspectives / edited by Samantha Besson and José Luis Martí.
CALL #: K 3184 .A6 L44 2009

AUTHOR: Bank, Steven A., 1969-
TITLE: From sword to shield: the transformation of the corporate income tax, 1861 to present / Steven A. Bank.
CALL #: KF 6464 .B36 2010

AUTHOR: Wrightsman, Lawrence S.
TITLE: Oral arguments before the Supreme Court: an empirical approach / Lawrence S. Wrightsman.
CALL #: KF 8748 .W752 2008

TITLE: Legal aspects of carbon trading : Kyoto, Copenhagen, and beyond / edited by David Freestone and Charlotte Streck.
CALL #: K 3593.5 .C37 L44 2009

AUTHOR: Raz, Joseph.
TITLE: Between authority and interpretation: on the theory of law and practical reason / Joseph Raz.
CALL #: K 231 .R39 2009

AUTHOR: Williams, Robert F. (Robert Forrest), 1945-
TITLE: The law of American state constitutions / Robert F. Williams.
CALL #: KF 4530 .W538 2009

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Streaming Music

A great many of our library users stay plugged into to their laptops and listen to music while studying. In attempting to assist with this I want to pass along a UBlog article of the 10 Best Streaming Music sites. The only one I am personally familiar with is Pandora (and I am a huge Pandora fan) so if you use one of these feel free to leave something in the comments.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Books to the MC Law Library

Over the next few weeks I will be posting some of the new books to our collection. These items may be checked out by all approved library users.

AUTHOR: Klarman, Michael J.
TITLE: Unfinished business: racial equality in American history / Michael J. Klarman.
CALL #: E 185 .K545 2007

AUTHOR: Bloom, Lackland H., Jr.
TITLE: Methods of interpretation: how the Supreme Court reads the Constitution / Lackland H. Bloom, Jr.
CALL #: KF 8742 .B585 2009
AUTHOR: Moore, Michael S., 1943-
TITLE: Causation and responsibility: an essay in law, morals, and metaphysics / Michael S. Moore.
CALL #: K 579 .C34 M66 2009

AUTHOR: Levesque, Roger J. R.
TITLE: Adolescents, media, and the law: what developmental science reveals and free speech requires / Roger J.R. Levesque.
CALL #: HQ 799 .M35 L48 2007

AUTHOR: Dershowitz, Alan M.
TITLE: Is there a right to remain silent?: coercive interrogation and the Fifth Amendment after 9/11 / Alan M. Dershowitz.
CALL #: KF 9668 .D47 2008

AUTHOR: Brand-Ballard, Jeffrey.
TITLE: Limits of legality: the ethics of lawless judging / Jeffrey Brand-Ballard.
CALL #: KF 8779 .B73 2010

AUTHOR: Rhode, Deborah L.
TITLE: The beauty bias: the injustice of appearance in life and law / Deborah L. Rhode.
CALL #: KF 478 .R48 2010

AUTHOR: Phillips, Douglas E.
TITLE: The software license unveiled: how legislation by license controls software access / Douglas E. Phillips.
CALL #: K 1443 .C6 P48 2009

AUTHOR: Carrier, Michael A.
TITLE: Innovation for the 21st century: harnessing the power of intellectual property and antitrust law / Michael A. Carrier.
CALL #: KF 3116 .C37 2009

AUTHOR: Noam, Eli M.
TITLE: Media ownership and concentration in America / Eli M. Noam.
CALL #: P 96 .E252 U664 2009

Monday, June 21, 2010

New Books to the MC Law Library

Over the next few weeks I will be posting some of the new books to our collection. These items may be checked out by all approved library users.

TITLE: Criminal law conversations / edited by Paul H. Robinson, Stephen P. Garvey, Kimberly Kessler Ferzan.
CALL #: K 5018 .C753 2009

AUTHOR: Tushnet, Mark V., 1945-
TITLE: Out of range: why the Constitution can't end the battle over guns / Mark V. Tushnet.
CALL #: KF 3941 .T872 2007

AUTHOR: Strauss, David A.
TITLE: The living constitution / David A. Strauss.
CALL #: KF 4550 .S78 2010

AUTHOR: Packer, Ira K.
TITLE: Evaluation of criminal responsibility / Ira K. Packer.
CALL #: RA 1151 .P33 2009

AUTHOR: Kim, Scott Y. H.
TITLE: Evaluation of capacity to consent to treatment and research / Scott Y.H. Kim.
CALL #: RA 1151 .K56 2010

AUTHOR: Cutler, Brian L.
TITLE: Evaluating eyewitness identification / Brian L. Cutler and Margaret Bull Kovera.
CALL #: KF 9672 .C867 2010

AUTHOR: Patry, William F.
TITLE: Moral panics and the copyright wars / William Patry.
CALL #: K 1420.5 .P376 2009

AUTHOR: Vermeule, Adrian, 1968-
TITLE: Law and the limits of reason / Adrian Vermeule.
CALL #: K 212 .V47 2009

AUTHOR: Stone, Christopher D.
TITLE: Should trees have standing? : Law, morality, and the environment / Christopher D. Stone.
CALL #: KF 5505 .S86 2010

AUTHOR: Wacks, Raymond.
TITLE: Understanding jurisprudence: an introduction to legal theory / Raymond Wacks.
CALL #: K 230 .W29 A38 2009

AUTHOR: Parisi, Francesco, 1962-
TITLE: The economics of lawmaking / Francesco Parisi, Vincy Fon.
CALL #: K 3316 .P37 2009

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Books to the MC Law Library

Over the next few weeks I will be posting some of the new books to our collection. These items may be checked out by all approved library users.

AUTHOR: Buckley, F. H. (Francis H.), 1948-
TITLE: Fair governance: paternalism and perfectionism / F.H. Buckley.
CALL #: JC 571 .B763 2009

AUTHOR: Greenberg, Karen J.
TITLE: The least worst place: Guantanamo's first 100 days / Karen Greenberg.
CALL #: HV 6432 .G734 2009

AUTHOR: Raustiala, Kal.
TITLE: Does the constitution follow the flag?: The evolution of territoriality in American law / Kal Raustiala.
CALL #: KF 413 .J87 R38 2009

AUTHOR: Pommersheim, Frank.
TITLE: Broken landscape: Indians, Indian tribes, and the constitution / Frank Pommersheim.
CALL #: KF 8205 .P63 2009

AUTHOR: Klabbers, Jan.
TITLE: The constitutionalization of international law / by Jan Klabbers, Anne Peters and Geir Ulfstein.
CALL #: KZ 4850 .K578 2009

TITLE: The rule of recognition and the U.S. Constitution / edited by Matthew D. Adler and Kenneth Einar Himma.
CALL #: KF 4552 .R85 2009

AUTHOR: Markel, Dan.
TITLE: Privilege or punish: criminal justice and the challenge of family ties / Dan Markel, Jennifer M. Collins, Ethan J. Leib.
CALL #: K 5001 .M37 2009

TITLE: The impact of behavioral sciences on criminal law / edited by Nita A. Farahany.
CALL #: K 5028 .I48 2009

AUTHOR: Domnarski, William, 1953-
TITLE: Federal judges revealed / William Domnarski.
CALL #: KF 372 .D66 2009

AUTHOR: Cuddihy, William J. (William John), 1945-
TITLE: The Fourth Amendment: origins and original meaning, 602-1791 / William J. Cuddihy.
CALL #: KF 9630 .C83 2009

TITLE: Extreme speech and democracy / editors, Ivan Hare, James Weinstein.
CALL #: K 3254 .E97 2009

Monday, June 14, 2010

New Books to the MC Law Library

Over the next few weeks I will be posting some of the new books to our collection.

TITLE: Fraud examination.
CALL #: HV 6691 .A43 2009

AUTHOR: Pedneault, Stephen, 1966-
TITLE: Fraud 101: techniques and strategies for understanding fraud / Stephen Pedneault.
CALL #: HV 6769 .D38 2009

AUTHOR: Coenen, Tracy, 1972-
TITLE: Expert fraud investigation: a step-by-step guide / Tracy L. Coenen.
CALL #: HV 6691 .C54 2009

TITLE: Handbook of frauds, scams, and swindles: failures of ethics in leadership / edited by Serge Matulich, David M. Currie.
CALL #: HV 6695 .H28 2009

TITLE: Punishing corporate crime: legal penalties for criminal and regulatory violations / James T. O'Reilly ... [et al.].
CALL #: KF 9351 .P86 2009

AUTHOR: Tribe, Laurence H.
TITLE: The invisible constitution / Laurence H. Tribe.
CALL #: KF 4550 .T7865 2008

AUTHOR: Ribstein, Larry E.
TITLE: The rise of the uncorporation / Larry E. Ribstein.
CALL #: KF 1361 .R53 2010

TITLE: The anatomy of corporate law: a comparative and functional approach / Reinier Kraakman ... [et al.].
CALL #: K 1315 .A53 2009

AUTHOR: Bollinger, Lee C., 1946-
TITLE: Uninhibited, robust, and wide-open: a free press for a new century / Lee C. Bollinger.
CALL #: KF 4774 .B654 2010

AUTHOR: Jackall, Robert.
TITLE: Moral mazes: the world of corporate managers / Robert Jackall.
CALL #: HF 5387 .J29 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Books to the MC Law Library

Over the next few weeks I will be posting some of the new books to our collection. These items may be checked out by all approved library users.

TITLE: Fraud casebook: lessons from the bad side of business / edited by Joseph T. Wells.
CALL #: HV 6691 .F737 2007

TITLE: Fraud examiners manual.
CALL #: HV 8079 .F73 2009
*2 Volume Set

TITLE: Fraud examiners manual [electronic resource].
CALL #: CD-ROM HV 8079 .F738 2009
*1 CD-ROM with Guidebook

AUTHOR: Fox, Lawrence J., 1943-
TITLE: The ethics of representing organizations: legal fictions for clients / Lawrence J. Fox, Susan R. Martyn.
CALL #: KF 306 .F687 2009

TITLE: Korean business law: the legal landscape and beyond / edited by Jasper Kim.
CALL #: KPA 78 .B87 K67 2010

AUTHOR: Magat, Joan Ames.
TITLE: The lawyer's editing manual / Joan Ames Magat.
CALL #: KF 250 .M34 2009

AUTHOR: Atwood, Barbara Ann, 1947-
TITLE: Children, tribes, and states: adoption and custody conflicts over American Indian children / Barbara Ann Atwood.
CALL #: KF 8210 .C45 A98 2010

AUTHOR: Butler, William Elliott, 1939-
TITLE: Russian law / William E. Butler.
CALL #: KLB 68 .B88 2009

AUTHOR: Hyland, Richard, 1949-
TITLE: Gifts: a study in comparative law / Richard Hyland.
CALL #: K 898 .H95 2009

AUTHOR: Dunnewold, Mary L.
TITLE: Judicial clerkships: a practical guide / Mary L. Dunnewold, Beth A. Honetschlager, Brenda L. Tofte.
CALL #: KF 8807 .D86 2010

Monday, June 7, 2010

Federal Judge Recusal and the BP/Gulf Oil Spill

the AP National Investigative Team has put out an article, linked here by Yahoo, concerning how many (as in more than half) of the Federal judges who might hear the Gulf Oil Spill claims have interests in oil companies.

Now I cannot say this is suprising as Federal judges are not exactly poor and investing in oil companies is a normal part of many peoples investment strategy (including mine) but it does bring about some interesting recusal issues.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill Legal Article

Wanted to share a Fortune article about the legal implications of the BP Oil Spill some of you might be interested in.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hein Online

Short post this week to remind our patrons of HeinOnline.

Hein contains a multitude of resources with the most popular being pdf versions of law reviews and often greater coverage than you will find on Westlaw or Lexus.

To get to HeinOnline go the the library Web site: , click on Online Resources, and then HeinOnline . To log in click on the neon green bar at the top, if on campus you will automatically log in. If you are off campus you may use your Novell username and password to gain proxy access.

Additionally, Hein has recently announced they have updated their Senate Treaty Documents and Digital Session Laws libraries.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Regular Summer Hours

Our regular Summer Hours begin June 1, 2010. They are:

Monday - Thursday : 7:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Friday: 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Saturday: 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Sunday: 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.